Does this look familiar? 

This is a form of frost heave. Throughout Sudbury area, our northern climate results in frost damage. Not only does it affect our roads, but also affects our foundations. Adfreezing is a form of frost heave!  

What is Adfreezing? 

“Adfreezing is the formation of ice layers within the soil. The result of these ice layers is a total mass larger than the original soil causing the earth to shift upwards, or more precisely in the direction of heat loss.

These layers of ice can attach to surfaces like mortar joints on masonry unit foundation walls and lift the entire structure as one.
As this happens mortar joints separate and fill with soil. When the frost leaves and your foundation resettles, these damaged areas will not return to their original condition.

These imperfections, over time worsen and eventually result in not only potential water infiltration but serious weakening of the structure.

Frozen soil can adhere to the outer surface of the foundation walls and footings and exert an upward force directly on the wall. This is known as adfreezing. It can be particularly disastrous to concrete block foundations, pulling the individual blocks apart as soil lifts upward. (1)

(1)Best Practice Guide, Full Height Basement Insulation, Ontario Ministry of Municipal Affairs and Housing

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